Thursday, October 30, 2014

watching blockbuster movies

Watched 'Happy New Year' and 'Bang Bang' recently.
Why do I do this to myself..

1. The inevitability
You begin watching such movies with a sense of inevitability. That you are bound to be disappointed and yet one must soldier on and watch these monstrosities. The inevitability is due part us and part the makers. us - because we are addicted to junk. Its the cola & chips we can't live without.
Makers - because those assholes buy up the entirety of screen inventory. During Diwali, families do tend to go to watch movies together. Its almost a tradition in many a middle class families. and then once you reach your favourite multiplexes with their many screens, the only choice you have is the show time. the makers have put their clout to use and all screens are running the same damn film. They are 100 cr films by default. Poor (rich) junta has no option but to hope that their family does not mind the 'mindless fun'. (just look sideways and laugh that encouraging laugh that says 'we know its shit, but look.. isn't it kind of funny?')

2. Embarrassment
I wonder what SRK feels about his latest films. He is without doubt an intelligent person. And no intelligent person can watch his last few movies continuously without squirming in the seat often many times. Why build a legacy of mediocre and lazy film-making?
When he sees himself on the big screen, does he not feel embarrassed?
The khan siblings (farah and that douche of her brother, whatever his name is) should be simply ostracized from the film community. They are THE rotten apples of the industry. They propagate the myth that only bad films with patriarchal tropes and silly jokes can make money in India. And it is a dangerous myth. (or a good myth. With the decline of bollywood bullshit, perhaps the local film industries will see an influx of talent.) Their movies are not successful because people like these movies, they are successful because they are the 800 pound ugly gorillas of the industry who use their network smartly - big names, smart marketing, manipulate screen presence.

3. Movie hai ke advertisement?
These days ads are more subtle in product placement than movies. Bang Bang kept on smearing our faces into feces filled Pizza hut boxes through out the movie. Their attempt of turning pizza into metaphor made me retch. Krish 3 had less story and more product placements.

4. The disrespect
The laziness of the talentless hacks who nevertheless become major actors owing to their lineage, is astounding. (lounging body language. no empathy. no intensity. just mindless barking and abs (or hips).)
The laziness of writers (if there are any). The non-existent story.
The lazy direction. the direction-less movie.
Tell me if it is not glaring disrespect towards the Indian audience. The makers are sure that the audience doesn't have that many options and can be trusted to entrust their faith in big names. How hard is it to sit a little longer and get an actual script out of your writer (or your ass) before commencing? How hard is it to actually portray a convincing character. It is so jarring to see stars as stars instead of characters.

5. for masses ≠ patriarchal
why must you copy those terrible patriarchal Telugu movies? why must you bring back only the worst part of bollywood of yesteryears?
oh.. fuck you. here's to your death. All hail torrent and 

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Happy Independence day.

By Chittaprosad from DAG's collection
Freedom as a revolutionary act
Overthrowing the oppressor
violently or not
its always an act of upsetting the power centers.
Essential for it, is a shared future
however narrowly defined.
It is seldom an individual's act. It is an act of belonging (even if it is done alone).
It is essential and useless in almost equal measures.
Essential to assert our existence.
Useless due to our inability to comprehend the full scope of change.
Often we hurtle ourselves from under one oppressive foot to another.
Freedom from.. something
merely shifts our concerns from many oppressors,
to the one we are ready to tackle.

Punishment sisyph.jpg
"Punishment sisyph" by Titian.
Freedom as (exercise of and negotiation of) control(s)

There is no one ideal world
and yet, to achieve one, many people have to converge.
In a fight to design the utopia of your choice
one has to exercise control (and consequent oppression)
It is for the ones who completely understand the consequences of their freedom
or for the ones who are completely blind to them. 

Freedom as a feeling
Wide stretched hands and face against wind.
this symbolizes freedom to the concrete dwelling urban creatures.
So oppressed by one's own superego
they impose enjoyment on themselves.
Unmoored, unhinged, the individual lives life as an illusion. the illusion of freedom.

Freedom as anarchy
"Meri Marzi"
The only notion of freedom as understood by us Indians.
The anally retentive infant wants itself at the center of the universe.
The illusion of consequence-less, responsibility less lives
Its this faux freedom that is dragging the world down.

Freedom as an inevitable responsibility

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

why do people claim to be OCD or Dyslexic? (when they are not)

 and why not claim to be diarrheatic, malarial and other more plausible conditions?

"Plastinated Human Body Worlds San Diego" by Pattymooney - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

body v/s  mind
shame. Blame it on Christianity, blame it on conservative idiots around the world - body is just not what it used to be. Covered with clothes, body is the eternal source of shame. So when a body system goes haywire, the instinct is to hide it.

concrete v/s vague
Body, by virtue of being available to touch, smell, see to ourselves; is real to us. It's existence is concrete and finite. Reality is solvable. Reality is boring.
The working of mind remains a delicious enigma. A mystery that is for the most part, unyielding to human curiosity. Or even when it does yield, it peels out in confusing different directions.

old v/s new
Conditions of the body have been known to us from long ago.. well atleast that is what we assume.
Awareness of the conditions of mind are very new. What were witch craft & laziness not too long ago, now are real conditions of brain.

 Association: disabling v/s  adding to ability in surprising new ways
Conditions of body are simple with their meanings. They enable or disable in very specific ways.
With conditions of mind, that is not the case. What might be a handicap, might help in a certain unknown way. or atleast that is the fantasy. Perhaps, your dyslexia is a symptom of your creative instincts. That dyslexia means a certain kind of as yet hidden genius. That OCD might have certain class connotations.

A problem v/s an identity
To be Dyslexic is to possibly be an artist, to be a survivor of an anguish filled childhood. To be Dyslexic is to be misunderstood, to have survived internal battles, to be a hero. When people identify with Dyslexia (who are not actually Dyslexic), perhaps they are trying to identify with these experiences, qualities.

For a person who is not an OCD, the debilitating anxiety is perhaps hidden.. what they see instead is the sometimes magnificent outcomes of this behavior. A mastery over the space and time around the person.