Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Butterflies who call barbed wires their home

A beautiful yellow and white butterfly is hovering outside the window of the metro.

Outside, the summer has begun to sting. Inside, the air-conditioning makes the outside look pleasant. The wide rectangles of metro windows frame the Qutub Minar well. The Minar rises and wanes in greenery. Solace for dry eyes, beauty in embrace of a wide expanse of greenery.

And yet the solitary little butterfly has chosen to be here, besides a thundering metal and glass caterpillar. The giant caterpillar runs along a hundred times faster in a straight line. The butterfly hovers, flies and staggers undecidedly at its own pace.
It hovers and staggers, two paces ahead, a few flaps of wings to stay put, then sideways and ahead again. It is as if it is searching something down below. Hovering and examining the world below. Maybe it's wallet fell down or a ring. Do butterflies get married?

The metro is guarded with rolling barbed wires. The butterfly is hopping from one segment of wire to the next. It stops every now and then over a knot in the wire. Metal flowers of modernity. Does the butterfly hope to get nectar from this flower?

A metal-and-glass caterpillar and flowers made of iron
Will the realisation visit the butterfly soon or will these metal beasts yield to the beauty of butterfly? Will the metal learn to love and to be gentle?

Tuesday, April 07, 2015

The fall

Come fall, what if our house sheds its roof?
like helpless leaves, slaves of seasons.
Decay collecting underneath
naked sky piercing us with its raw hostility.

Should we rather be moths and caterpillars then
enjoying the delicacies of the decay?
Or the birds who roam in search of
a house they can call their own
for awhile.

Thursday, March 05, 2015

Monopoly on malleable minds. 

Earthlings were  an insecure lot. 
They need validation from others from time to time. 
An earthling individual typically called into question his / her / it's existence at least three times a day. (well,  atleast the ones we found embedded in amber of 21st century.) They had unplugged themselves from the consciousness and plugged into glowing rectangles which they used as a window as well as a theatre for their identity. 
They didn't know it then,  but this caused their souls to shrivel up. These glowing rectangles created alienating bubbles around individuals.  These bubbles obscured the love and life around the individual and directed individuals to seek life and love through the same glowing rectangles. Monopoly on malleable minds. 

Divorced from communities around,  the shriveled souls of individuals sought some social connection, association,  validation. Glowing rectangles exploited this weakness.  They first hooked human individual into their cloud of consciousness and soon became sentient.

Now humans are no more than insects in the world of machines.