Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Anthem for the 21st Century: A life imagined

Levi's has come with another commercial from their 'Go forth' campaign.
Here's an embedded video of the same. It instigated me to write what I felt about such advertisements, in the form of a poem. It follows the video, please scroll down.

An empty shell
of decaf coffee and air conditioned adventures.
Running in the city streets
stamping out mindlessly
images of its own.

All the running
flattening the world
into a 2D image-nerium
from a living breathing 3D world of yesterday.

'You are a kid' & 'you are the next living leader of the world'
and all that lies in between is a piece of cloth
that drapes beautifully and consequentially.

The 21st century gods
in jeans and T-shirts and shades
smile their blessings on you -
you whose image is now as big as those very god's.
And smiling sideways, the gods bestow powers
on the soles of your designer shoes
and the threads of the Made-in-Bangladesh shirts.

The global dreams
are tied in the seams
and you are tied to the beat
through your designer feet.

Connected and sewn
into a global dream,
you are now just another Pinocchio
a puppet dreaming of being a boy.

The sea of pinocchios
off the teenage wasteland
diving into an abyss
of meaningless existence.

Dreams that once
communicated through sweat and tears
are now pixelated.

Dreams that once lived
within lover's bosoms
are dead.

Dreams are now
flat and impersonal
and only demand for 'more'.

More MOre MORe MORE.
Excess is the only desire
and excess-less desire is a disease that must be cured.

to the religion of excess.
to the religion of delusion.

Death to the age of reason.
Death to the age of myths of nature.
Long live excess.
Long live the mirror. 


R said...

Nice response to the faux poetry in ads like the one you reference: I like how it feels you take the style of the verse in the advert and run with it such that they can't catch you...

Ajinkya said...

Thank you for your appreciation. :)

inquisitiveguurl said...

loved this one!

Ajinkya said...

thanks chaitra. :)