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Prisoner of My Mind

I am a prisoner of my mind, It has a mind of its own.
Its hard to defy him,The wedlock is ON.
I used to once own him, Now he owns me.
I had to bow down, in his slavery.
I had sown his seeds, Believed in his creed,
Material happiness did he pried, He couldn't be my breed.
I had considered him an friend, a part of myself.
But he betrayed me, He turned out to be a big elf.
He has mighty big friends, in the material world,
Many masks has had to be, slash and burned.
His hedonism has caused me, much harm,
I had been in the eye of whirlpool, for so long.
I might be captive with him, Forever.
But my hope will be lost, Never.
I am going to fight, out of this sphere,
I have grown out of the cocoon, and end of his tyranny is near.
I have to fight this battle all by myself, not against world, not against you, it just myself.

-Pawar Ajinkya M.


I am a puzzle, Please try to solve me.
Nothingness inside of me, in search of my identity.
I used to be the …